Sentinel Comp'd P365XL Slide, with Optic Mount & Cover


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7-10 business day lead time for single color/ 3-4 weeks for multicolor

*Slides will come in Graphite Black if not other wise noted.*


Our Exclusive Intergrally Compensated P365XL aftermarket slides are designed to be used with a P365 length barrel (3.1") and a P365XL recoil spring assembly. These slides will fit XL holsters, although due to variations in holsters we recommend an adjustable retention holster.

Listed slide completion kit option includes: Striker, Striker safety, Extractor kit, and back plate. (these items will be installed at no additional charge when purchased with the slide)

Slides are designed to use the latest extractor version (see pictures for details)

Built around the Sig P365XL

40-50% recoil reduction compared to Non-Comp slides based on 124gr ammo

20-30% recoil reduction compared to factory Comp'd slides based on 124gr ammo

Optic ready with cover and hardware

Dedicated rear dovetail, seprate from optic mount & cover

Precision made to tight tolerences for improved accuracy and performace

Made from hardened 416 stainless steel

Made in partnership with Shalo Tek

Made in the USA

Our Shield RMSc, Holosun 407K / 507K, and Sig Romeo Zero optic cuts are the same footprint with NO rear lugs and slightly lowered front lugs. This makes the same footprint compatible with all 3 companies.  Optic Cover Plate and mounting hardware is included Optic mounting position is in front of the factory location of the rear iron sight. Blue Loctite recommended.

*These slides were designed to be used, and were tested with OEM and Fdez Werx barrels. Other aftermarket barrels such as Zaffiri Precision have been tested to fit and function properly, but we cannot guarantee that all aftermarket barrels will fit.*

*This slide is designed to use a 3.1" standard length flush and crown barrels, we do not recommend the use of XL, or any ported or threaded barrels.*

Optic mounting screws included are M3-0.5 X 10mm

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