X/XL - Sig Pink - 4 Sided Tetris

R2S-XL-Sig Pink-Tetris4
Ships in 1-2 Business days

This is a Ready to Ship P365 grip module in Sig Pink Cerakote with 4 sided Tetris laser stippling


-Grip modules are factory grip modules and with work with any parts or accessories designed for the P365.

-Grip modules are sold as is with no options for additional modifications besides adding the cut out to work with Manual Safety levers. 

-Listing is for grip module and magazine release only no other parts shown in images are for sale. 

-Grip module is a new factory P365 grip module with installed magazine release 

-Custom Cerakote finish is done in house by Fdez Werx and laser stippling service is completed by MD Customs

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